The Grindstone Compound is a progressive training environment designed for the aspiring MX athlete.

Unlike traditional “training facilities”, Grindstone is a launchpad – a central location in the heart of Southern California that provides riders with essential needs and services to focus on their riding career. On the main floor, each member has their own personal work bay for bike maintenance with access to a community wash station. The upper level offers living and recreation space to unwind, and outside, head out the shop doors straight for La Cresta mountain bike trails for the imfamous  “La Cresta Road Loop”. . Grindstone is located within an hour of SoCal’s best tracks including Milestone MX, Pala, Cahuilla Creek,  Perris MX, Comp Edge and Glen Helen.

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The Grindstone Compound team is a tight-knit crew with various areas of focus and decades of experience in the motocross industry. Each member of our staff is passionately dedicated to the sport and plays an integral role in developing a rider in all facets.

Cari Schehr

With over 15 years of work in the motocross industry, Cari Schehr is a well-rounded professional, an intense fitness trainer and dedicated leader and trainer. At Grindstone, Cari heads up day-to-day operations to ensure the program is running on schedule and without issue. Her experience on and off the track has allowed her to create a successful  program that is regimented and consistent while providing a schedule that helps athletes reach their goals. Riders such as Preston Mull, Cole Barbieri, Ryan Breece, Tom Parsons, Gage Schehr, Justin Hoeft and McClellan Hile are amunst some of the OG's at Grindstone.  In addition, she heads up Schehr Management, an athlete management service for amateur and pro athletes that assists with sponsor acquisition, branding and engagement. Cari has a genuine love for the sport and a passion to help each rider that comes to Grindstone  succeed.  

Brian Schehr

Brian Schehr is a multifaceted mechanic and machinist, father of 3 and the better half of the Schehr family. With an AA degree from Saddleback College and three certificates of achievement in Manufacturing Technologies (Machinist,CNC operating,CNC Programming) he brings 25 years experience in motorcycle mechanics. Asked about his variety of experience, Brian explained, “I’ve worked in the action sports industry as an account manager and team manager. Ive worked for privateer super cross racers and alongside industry engine builder Naveen Dassanayake of Powered by Naveen. Now currently at Twisted Developement one of the top engine builers in the sport. Brians role at Grindstone is oversee that athletes maintain their machines at the highest level of performance and safety and ensure they maximize their potential and improve their skill level while participating in the”Life on the Grind” program.”

Kimmi Hellman/Fine Tuned Athlete

Kimmi Hellman joined our tean last year primarily as our athlete body mechanic. She also steps in as occassional crew cook and sports nutrition coach to keep our athletes fueled right. Due to her work with a variety of dirt sports professionals and elite amatuers(offroad, SX, FMX, MX, and MTB.) she has become a specialist in endurance training recovery and injury rehab specifically related to releasing muscular and fascial restrictions that hinder mobility. She is a licensed Massage Theripist, Certified Personal Trainer and Licensed Sports Nutrition Coach.