The Grindstone Compound is a progressive training environment designed for the aspiring MX athlete.

Unlike traditional "training facilities", Grindstone is a launchpad - a central location in the heart of Southern California that provides riders with essential needs and training to focus on their riding career. On the main floor, each member has their own personal work bay for bike maintenance with access to a community wash station. The upper level offers living and recreation space to unwind, and outside, head out the shop doors straight for La Cresta mountain bike trails or the imfamous "La Cresta Road Loop". . Grindstone is located within an hour of SoCal's best tracks including Milestone MX, Cahuilla Creek, Pala Raceway, Perris MX, Comp Edge and Glen Helen.

grindstone-facility 6
grindstone-facility 6

Fitness Training is done at The W Training Facility with Cari Schehr. We focus on developing athletes to build muscle, endurance and focus. To compliment a holistic training structure, a one hour hypnotherapy session and custom training disc is available at a discounted price. It will teach riders how to get into a focused state of mind. On track, Grindstone connects the dots to improve riding technique and endurance.

grindstone-facility 9
grindstone-facility 9

What we offer:

  • Dormatory-style living at a facility for serious professional and amateur motocross athletes
  • Dedicated race shop work bays for each rider (or their mechanic)
  • nutrition
  • Daily schedule and transportation to tracks around Southern California
  • Primitive and hook-up camping for RV's, fifth-wheel trailers and Semis
  • Flexible packages to accommodate any length of stay
  • Learn to Surf at the San Clemente house (We won't call it a requirement, but every student of Cari's has learned to surf :)
  • Fitness Training ( 3days at The W) 3 days cross training, cycling, mountain biking, swimming

Additional Services:

  • One-hour sports hypnotherapy session and custom  training disc from sports hypnotherapist Jonna Mata
  • On-going hypnotherapy services
  • Fine Tuned Athlete Wednesday night Sports therapy $40

Why Grindstone?

Southern California is the epicenter of the American motocross industry. Within it lie the keys to success - the tracks, Industry support, media outlets, factory race teams and training to propel young riders to the next level. The Grindstone Compound eases the logistical concerns for out-of-state riders in search of a place to focus on riding and developing their skills.  

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't

The Grindstone Compound is a place to focus and put your nose to the grindstone. We focus on each riders abilitys and skills.