1 week $875

2 weeks $1750

1 month $3500

(We offer discounted pricing on full-time athletes that are committed to 6 months or more)

What we offer:

  • Dormatory-style living at a facility for serious professional and amateur motocross athlete

grindstone-facility 6

grindstone-facility 6

grindstone-facility 9

grindstone-facility 9

Dedicated race shop work bays for each rider (or their mechanic)

  • Daily schedule and transportation to tracks around Southern California

  • Primitive and hook-up camping for RV's, fifth-wheel trailers and Semis

  • Flexible packages to accommodate any length of stay

  • Fitness Training ( 3days a week at The W training faciliy) 3 days cross training, cycling, mountain biking, swimming

  • nutrition

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Additional Services:

  • One-hour sports hypnotherapy session and custom training disc from sports hypnotherapist Jonna Mata

  • On-going hypnotherapy services

  • Fine Tuned Athlete Wednesday night Sports therapy $40

Why Grindstone?

Southern California is the epicenter of the American motocross industry. Within it lie the keys to success - the tracks, Industry support, media outlets, factory race teams and training to propel young riders to the next level. The Grindstone Compound eases the logistical concerns for out-of-state riders in search of a place to focus on riding and developing their skills.  

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't

The Grindstone Compound is a place to focus and put your nose to the grindstone. We focus on each riders abilitys and skills.