Grindstone Compound's Gage Schehr doubles down on Monster Cup prep with some help from Factory Kawasaki and HLTN founder Josh Grant. Taking advantage of SX training facilities at Milestone MX and Pala Raceway, the pair have been polishing Geezy's program to platinum status for the October 15th showdown, where 22 of Amateur motocross' greats duke it out at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas.


Life on the Grind: Episode 6

Here at Grindstone the month of October was packed with tons of rad events for us such as the building of our new pump track, Monster Amy Bootcamp, Monstercup, and the list goes on. Displayed here are just a few things we did here as a group including the 2014 Dodge Amateur National, a ride day at the historical Chaney Ranch, and last but not least the one thing every kid in the world dreams about doing with his buddies, That one day devoted to just sending everything you see out in the hills of Beaumont CA. So with our pleasure we bring you Episode 6 of Life on the Grind. Enjoy

Life on the Grind: Episode 4

Amidst final preparations for amateur and outdoor nationals, Grindstone athletes follow the pro practice circuit in Southern California in search of the speed needed to take their careers to the next level. 

Preston Mull
Zack Williams
Cole Martinez
Bradley Taft
Challen Tennant
Chance Blackburn
Cody McCulloch
Gage Schehr
Jarrett Green
"The Okie Boys"

Shark? - "California Grrls"
A Wilhelm Scream - "I Wipe My Ass With Showbiz"

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Case of the Mondays Featuring Chris Alldredge

The Grindstone crew scored an invite from SoCal local Max Sisco to ride his private compound, dubbed "Thomas Training Facility". Deep sand, a bit of standing water and a ripping road gap kept a case of the Mondays at bay after a rare rainout weekend at Grindstone. 


Chris Alldredge
Devon Bates
Kiwi Kieren
Kevin Nelson
Ellis Rempelos
Max Sisco

Special thanks to Chelsea Thomas and her family for the invite!

Life on the Grind: Episode 3

The Grindstone Compound is a progressive training environment for serious amateur and pro motocross racers. With the amateur national season drawing closer and the Monster Energy Supercross season in full swing, Grindstone athletes are busy preparing across all fronts of the sport. Preston Mull takes us through a day on the Strikt Yamaha Team while the amateurs contest Mammoth and Loretta Lynn Qualifiers.

Life on the Grind: Episode 2

The Grindstone Compound continues to ramp up and welcome new riders into the mix through the month of December and into the new year. While the Ginter brothers get a little break from the grind of training for upcoming amateur national season, Zack Williams and Jesse Wentland join the mix while prepping for East Coast Supercross.  For Keaton Ward, his winter spent at the Grindstone Compound will serve as time well spent while he closes out his final year in the amateur pro class in search of championships and a smooth transition into the pro ranks.

Life on the Grind: Episode 1

Life on the Grind is an original web series that documents life at the Grindstone Compound, a Southern California training facility for progressive motocross athletes.  As the Ginters roll in from Canada, Tom Parsons works behind the scenes to build a pump track connecting the main house to the shop. Preston Cambell also joins the crew for a month away from the beach to focus on transitioning his off-road skills into moto.

Directed & Produced By:
Aran Eversman
Cari Schehr


The Steeldrivers -  "Blue Side of the Mountain" 
Mimosa - "Psycodelic Stereo"
Big Gigantic - "Sky High"